• Forest Therapy Base Nukumidaira

    Forest Therapy Base Nukumidaira

    Nukumidaira located in front of Ishikorobi trailhead is forest therapy base with vant primeval forest. At there you can walk in the promenade, and refresh yourself.
  • Akashibakyo


    A scenic spot along Route 113. A beautiful view of Arakawa 's clear stream and fresh green and autumn leaves shining on white rocky skin.
  • Omiyakoyasuryo Shrine

    Omiyakoyasuryo Shrine

    Wafer copper 5 years (712 years) Shrine recommended from the country of Kohori County of Ryo. It is famous as a god of birth, child gifts, child rearing.
  • Viewing Platform in Taruguchi Pass

    Viewing Platform in Taruguchi Pass

    Pass connecting the Kodama River from the barrel. From the observation deck you can look over the magnificent panorama of the Iido fringe.
  • Kurosawa Pass

    Kurosawa Pass

    The mossy cobblestone road that drifts the weight of history was laid in the Edo period. There are still 3,600 cobblestones remaining.
  • Tamagawa Valley

    Tamagawa Valley

    A beautiful formative beauty created by the Tamagawa clear stream. The valley where the clear Tamagawa runs on a steep cliff is brilliant.
  • Kenko no Mori Yokone

    Kenko no Mori Yokone

    There is the very large forest of about 180ha, and has promenade, log house, bungalow, campsite, various facilities including interchange center. You are available for outdoor learning in nature and camping between family, friends, students.
  • Shiroimori Caravan Site

    Shiroimori Caravan Site

    Campsite in river and forest along the Arakawa area in the Gomisawa area. Coffee shop, laundry, shower and toilet. Camping place where you can enjoy the outdoor in the great nature such as playing river in Arakawa and walking forest.
  • Iide Mountains Range

    Iide Mountains Range

    The Iide Mountain Range with the main peak of Mt.I...
  • Asahi Mountains Range

    Asahi Mountains Range

    The Asahi Mountain Range, which is representative ...
  • Kankowarabien


    Take a warabi where you can harvest the mountain grace with your own hands. The season is from late May to late June.
  • Stream Fishing

    Stream Fishing

    In the clear streams flowing from the Iido mountains and the Asahi mountain peak, you can enjoy river fishing such as Iwana.
  • Shiroimori Woodworking Museum

    Shiroimori Woodworking Museum

    We can produce woodworking works such as coasters and kokeshi using small zelkova and zelkova.
  • Yokone Ski Area

    Yokone Ski Area

    A slope that you can enjoy from beginners to advanced players. Snowboard half pipe, also equipped with night.
  • Yokokawadam Shiroimori Oguniko

    Yokokawadam Shiroimori Oguniko

    Dam lake which piled water shows a beautiful view every season.
  • Ginkgo Square

    Ginkgo Square

    There are trees of big ginkgo of town designated cultural asset and ginkgo pond which shaped ginkgo.
  • Fudoizurugibashi


    Since 2007 Yokogawa Dam construction the road has ...
  • Kitekurokan


    Inside the facility, materials related to local na...
  • Tengubashi


    A small flow of water gathers little by little, it sticks to the emerald green, and even the river bottom can be seen. Contrast with autumnal leaves is the best.
  • Ishikorobizawa


    It is the only snowy ridge that is located in Kita...
  • Habitat of Skunk Cabbage in Odo

    Habitat of Skunk Cabbage in Odo

    Oguni-machi designated cultural asset (Natural Monument No. 4)
  • Pavement in Kurosawa Pass

    Pavement in Kurosawa Pass

    Oguni-machi designated cultural asset (historical site No. 2)
  • Funato’s Lion dancing

    Funato’s Lion dancing

    Oguni-cho Designated Cultural Heritage (Folk Performing Arts No.2)
  • Furuta kabuki

    Furuta kabuki

    Oguni-machi designated cultural asset (Folk Performing Arts No. 3)
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array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0316099" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.78896540000005" ["address"]=> string(52) "日本、山形県小国町黒沢 黒沢峠敷石道" ["url"]=> string(62) "" ["title"]=> string(13) "Kurosawa Pass" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [5]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0317182" ["lng"]=> string(11) "139.6828059" ["address"]=> string(72) "日本、〒999-1511 山形県西置賜郡小国町大字玉川245" ["url"]=> string(64) "" ["title"]=> string(15) "Tamagawa Valley" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [6]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0504975" ["lng"]=> string(11) "139.7284032" ["address"]=> string(77) "日本、〒999-1363 山形県西置賜郡小国町大字小国小坂町759-3" ["url"]=> string(69) "" ["title"]=> string(20) "Kenko no Mori Yokone" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [7]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.1614332" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.78619619999995" ["address"]=> string(85) "日本、山形県小国町五味沢511−8 白い森オートキャンプ場" ["url"]=> string(72) "" ["title"]=> string(23) "Shiroimori Caravan Site" ["imgSrc"]=> string(162) "" } [8]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> 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string(64) "日本、山形県小国町五味沢513 白い森木工館" ["url"]=> string(78) "" ["title"]=> string(29) "Shiroimori Woodworking Museum" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [13]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0708334" ["lng"]=> string(11) "139.7304527" ["address"]=> string(76) "日本、山形県小国町小国小坂町616−1 横根スキー場" ["url"]=> string(64) "" ["title"]=> string(15) "Yokone Ski Area" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [14]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0194802" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.81667189999996" ["address"]=> string(40) "日本、山形県小国町 横川ダム" ["url"]=> string(79) "" ["title"]=> string(30) "Yokokawadam Shiroimori Oguniko" ["imgSrc"]=> string(175) "" } [15]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0111167" ["lng"]=> string(11) "139.8154637" ["address"]=> string(66) "日本、〒999-1203 山形県西置賜郡小国町大字市野々" ["url"]=> string(62) "" ["title"]=> string(13) "Ginkgo Square" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [16]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0105966" ["lng"]=> string(11) "139.8170943" ["address"]=> string(75) "日本、〒999-1203 山形県西置賜郡小国町大字市野々323" ["url"]=> string(65) "" ["title"]=> string(16) "Fudoizurugibashi" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [17]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0346294" ["lng"]=> string(11) "139.8248382" ["address"]=> string(78) "日本、〒999-1321 山形県西置賜郡小国町大字綱木箱口736" ["url"]=> string(60) "" ["title"]=> string(11) "Kitekurokan" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [18]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "37.9266661" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.66779150000002" ["address"]=> string(55) "日本、山形県小国町小玉川663 天狗橋" ["url"]=> string(59) "" ["title"]=> string(10) "Tengubashi" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [19]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(17) "38.26888095157663" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.91797844886116" ["address"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(63) "" ["title"]=> string(14) "Ishikorobizawa" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [20]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(0) "" ["lng"]=> string(0) "" ["address"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(80) "" ["title"]=> string(31) "Habitat of Skunk Cabbage in Odo" ["imgSrc"]=> 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