• Michinoeki Shiroimori Oguni Bunachaya

    Michinoeki Shiroimori Oguni Bunachaya

    This shop if you take delicious meals easily. Popular No. 1 is home-made kaeda tempuraoba.
  • Shunsai Restaurant Aiai

    Shunsai Restaurant Aiai

    You can taste regional cuisine that made use of the local blessings in a relaxing log house style shop. Choose small pot "Okonomi set menu", Takarabaka Udon is popular.
  • Oshokujidokoro Aiko

    Oshokujidokoro Aiko

    Popular bean sprout ramen and Goko ramen taste to become addictive once you eat! Please also have a party at the evening party!
  • Oshokujidokoro Matagi

    Oshokujidokoro Matagi

    There is also a karaoke box. Up to 60 people OK! (For the transportation in case of karaoke use 【required consultation】.
  • Sushi Kappo Gentaro

    Sushi Kappo Gentaro

    Lunch chiashi 800 yen. It is 2,000 yen at the counter for autumn.
  • Chugokuryori Kyo

    Chugokuryori Kyo

    In the village of a small country is a treasure trove of delicious food at your feet. I accumulated plenty of nutrients of the earth during the winter, I used wild plants in a small country budding in the season, wrapped a small country garlic dumpling one by one handmade. We cook with cookies of mountains and ocean wishes, and we are waiting for everyone's visit.
  • Izakaya Shokujidokoro Sangobei

    Izakaya Shokujidokoro Sangobei

    Daily menu with full points for both volume and number of items. Piece of rice cooker recommended!
  • Kanekin Shokudo

    Kanekin Shokudo

    I am in the town! Yamagata specialty "cold noodles" is also excellent!
  • Mizunosato Koryukan Oshokujidokoro Hotaru

    Mizunosato Koryukan Oshokujidokoro Hotaru

    Buckwheat noodle with local buckwheat flour and wild vegetables is charming!
  • Ramentei


    It is recommended to have Japanese crispy and spicy Tan Tumen! Gyoza is also popular!
  • Oshokujidokoro Miyoshiya

    Oshokujidokoro Miyoshiya

    Board near · Fifth ramen · Two mer tanmen · Various set meals
  • Sozai Shimizu

    Sozai Shimizu

    We also accept various catered, lunch boxes, local cuisine, please feel free to contact us. Baked rice ball and soy sauce We offer two kinds of flavor and miso hotly every day.
  • Fukuryuken


    Local yakisoba provided by Yamagata brand Yakiniku restaurant. It is a soy sauce based ramen that used 100% of the "Yamagata chicken" grown up in a small country and finished in a gentle taste.
  • Anbinya


    Menu includes ramen, set meal, rice cakes, morning service available We are waiting for a wide range of menus. Please also have a night drinks course.
  • Teuchisobadokoro Marutake

    Teuchisobadokoro Marutake

    Enjoying handmade buckwheat and seasonal seasonal seasons "Taste of buckwheat" strikingly. Tell the feeling of Japan now, please enjoy the heart and flavor of Japan by your side by Maruyu. The recommendation is heaven goby.
  • Shiroimori Koryu Center Rifure

    Shiroimori Koryu Center Rifure

    There is a multipurpose seminar room, which is ideal for accommodation training for organizations etc. Boasting local cuisine and view bath. There is a woodworking house and a cook stove next to it. Please have a "rice cake rice cake" "rice cake rice cake" which can be tasted only here.
  • Kanamesoba no yakata

    Kanamesoba no yakata

    The hand-side soba which is conveyed to the Kinjyo area is the side sticking to 100% using buckwheat flour that is boasted from local cultivation to harvest and grinding.
  • Minnshuku no echigoya

    Minnshuku no echigoya

    It is a place to cultivate beautiful scenery and delicious ingredients throughout the four seasons. We offer a variety of menus including rockfish, wild vegetables, mushroom dishes, hand-made soba, udon and so on.
  • Menya Yukiguni

    Menya Yukiguni

    Sapporo direct delivery "Nishiyama noodle" noodles and delicious soup fused perfectly. Repeat inevitable ramen.
  • Mataginosato Interchange Center

    Mataginosato Interchange Center

    There is the exhibition room introducing the history and culture of Matagi and also restaurants in which you can eat dishes made with local ingredients plentifully.
  • Pinokio


    Coffee, parfait, snack, pasta, curry
  • Iideonsen Iidekairagiso

    Iideonsen Iidekairagiso

    An accommodation where relaxation is suitable for relaxation. It shows the expressions of the seasons Iidosei mountains. Clear babble of Tamagawa.
  • Iideonsen Iidesanso

    Iideonsen Iidesanso

    As mountain climbing base of the Iide Feng Shui, and as a place where you can do long Tsuyuji, people love mountains are familiar. Hot hot water near the source. I will shed sweat and tired. Please enjoy nature and hot springs.
  • Fukuichi


    A shop where you can eat Genghis Khan only in Oguni Town. The classic is "Yakitori".
  • Kikuyoshitei


    "Tigeri" fried in commitment manufacturing method is popular. Honey Toast ~ Ice Shimano ~ The popularity is rising rapidly!
  • Mimori marché

    Mimori marché

    We set up a food and drink corner in Mimori Marche. It is a space where guests can relax slowly.
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"139.74865279999995" ["address"]=> string(45) "日本、山形県小国町栄町30−3" ["url"]=> string(59) "" ["title"]=> string(10) "Fukuryuken" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [13]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(17) "38.06392709999999" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.74760830000002" ["address"]=> string(51) "日本、山形県小国町小国町360−8" ["url"]=> string(56) "" ["title"]=> string(7) "Anbinya" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [14]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(17) "38.05611160000001" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.75596910000002" ["address"]=> string(54) "日本、山形県小国町あけぼの2−1−1" ["url"]=> string(74) "" ["title"]=> string(25) "Teuchisobadokoro Marutake" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [15]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.1605459" ["lng"]=> string(11) "139.7883625" ["address"]=> string(55) "日本、山形県小国町五味沢513 りふれ" ["url"]=> string(79) "" ["title"]=> string(30) "Shiroimori Koryu Center Rifure" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [16]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(9) "38.092592" ["lng"]=> string(10) "139.804448" ["address"]=> string(67) "日本、山形県小国町金目264−1 金目そばの館" ["url"]=> string(69) "" ["title"]=> string(20) "Kanamesoba no yakata" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [17]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "37.9649734" ["lng"]=> string(11) "139.6770518" ["address"]=> string(55) "日本、山形県小国町小玉川456 越後屋" ["url"]=> string(70) "" ["title"]=> string(21) "Minnshuku no echigoya" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [18]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0289645" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.87344129999997" ["address"]=> string(48) "日本、山形県小国町沼沢860−6" ["url"]=> string(63) "" ["title"]=> string(14) "Menya Yukiguni" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [19]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(17) "37.96140079999999" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.67295910000007" ["address"]=> string(51) "日本、山形県小国町小玉川535−1" ["url"]=> string(70) "" ["title"]=> string(31) "Mataginosato Interchange Center" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [20]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0600387" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.74888340000007" ["address"]=> string(45) "日本、山形県小国町岩井沢843" ["url"]=> 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Kawairiso" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [25]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "37.9258622" ["lng"]=> string(11) "139.6686082" ["address"]=> string(75) "日本、〒999-1522 山形県西置賜郡小国町小玉川663−3" ["url"]=> string(68) "" ["title"]=> string(19) "Iideonsen Iidesanso" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [26]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0604554" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.75004990000002" ["address"]=> string(54) "日本、山形県小国町岩井沢844−12" ["url"]=> string(63) "" ["title"]=> string(14) "Shunsai Uotoku" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [27]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0602026" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.74871669999993" ["address"]=> string(66) "日本、〒999-1351 山形県西置賜郡小国町156−7" ["url"]=> string(57) "" ["title"]=> string(8) "Fukuichi" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [28]=> array(6) { ["lat"]=> string(10) "38.0613858" ["lng"]=> string(18) "139.74769170000002" ["address"]=> string(48) "日本、山形県小国町栄町108−2" ["url"]=> string(61) "" ["title"]=> string(12) "Kikuyoshitei" ["imgSrc"]=> string(173) "" } [29]=> 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