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    About the handling of personal information

    ■Basic way of thinking

    About the white forest whole brand portal site (we say "site" in and the following. We will strive for appropriate management based on the Komachi Town Personal Information Protection Ordinance.

    ■With personal information

    Personal information is information that can identify a specific person, such as address, name, phone number, and email address.

    ■About collection of personal information

    When collecting personal information, the purpose is clearly stated and implemented within the scope of the purpose.

    ■About the use and management of personal information

    Personal information collected on this site will be used within the scope of the purpose specified at the time of collection, except when there is a provision of laws or regulations. In addition, based on the "Okuni-cho Personal Information Protection Ordinance" and the "Okuni-cho Information Security Policy", these personal information will be managed properly so as not to be leaked, used illegally, or tampered with.

    Inquiry about this site

    Oguni Town Hall White Forest Brand Strategy Office

    Address 〒999-1363 山形県西置賜郡小国町大字小国小坂町2-70
    TEL 0238-87-0821
    FAX 0238-62-5464