A warm winter, warm city.

Oguni-machi is held in the Iidani-Asahi Bunka mountain range and has a vast town soil of 737.56 square kilometers. Broadleaf forests centering on beech spread to about 90% of them, and show us the beautiful seasons of relaxation. In addition, it is one of the nation's leading heavy snowfall areas, and the snow that has accumulated is a source to foster a variety of lives. Based on the "white" which can be imaged in common from the beech that symbolizes the town and snow, the whole town is expressed as "white forest" and we are promoting town planning. The majestic nature is waiting for you.
  • Living in Oguni Town
    Living in Oguni Town
    Child care support system is substantial including support for pregnancy medical examination expense support, childbirth support money, childcare fee, medical expenses.
  • Work in Oguni Town
    Work in Oguni Town
    Oguni-machi is a town centered on the second industry, which is rare in mountainous areas. We have developed based on the precision instrument factory and are supporting the Japanese manufacturing industry.
  • Live in Oguni Town
    Live in Oguni Town
    In Oguni-machi, we offer generous migration support. We support a part of transportation expenses and accommodation expenses for people performing activities such as finding housing and work in small countries for the purpose of migration and U-turn.