Winter here is harsh but here is warm.

In Oguni, the seasons shift very clearly. In the winter, there is lots of snow.
In spring, the abundant snowfall leads to lots of water in Oguni’s land, nurturing the life of flora and fauna and bringing with it many blessings.
For the white skin of its beech trees, the white bounty of its fallen snow, and the white of the town’s campus mostly untouched by human hands, we call our town “Shiroimori,” which means “White Forest.”
This town is harsh, beautiful and warm.

  • Living in Oguni Town
    Living in Oguni Town
    Child care support system is substantial including support for pregnancy medical examination expense support, childbirth support money, childcare fee, medical expenses.
  • Work in Oguni Town
    Work in Oguni Town
    Oguni-town is a town centered on the secondary industry, which is rare in mountainous areas. We have developed around the precision instrument factory and are supporting the Japanese manufacturing industry.
  • Live in Oguni Town
    Live in Oguni Town
    When immigrants purchase and renovate a house, there is a system to subsidize the cost of the renovation.