• Kenko no Mori Yokone

    Kenko no Mori Yokone

    There is the very large forest of about 180ha, and has promenade, log house, bungalow, campsite, various facilities including interchange center. You are available for outdoor learning in nature and camping between family, friends, students.
  • Shiroimori Caravan Site

    Shiroimori Caravan Site

    Campsite in river and forest along the Arakawa area in the Gomisawa area. Coffee shop, laundry, shower and toilet. Camping place where you can enjoy the outdoor in the great nature such as playing river in Arakawa and walking forest.
  • Awanoyu Onsen Miyoshiso

    Awanoyu Onsen Miyoshiso

    In Japan it is an unusual carbonate hot spring inn. It is characterized by a red flower containing iron and is said to be effective for skin diseases.
  • Shiroimori Koryu Center Rifure

    Shiroimori Koryu Center Rifure

    There is a multipurpose seminar room, which is ideal for accommodation training for organizations etc. Boasting local cuisine and view bath. There is a woodworking house and a cook stove next to it. Please have a "rice cake rice cake" "rice cake rice cake" which can be tasted only here.
  • Minnshuku no echigoya

    Minnshuku no echigoya

    It is a place to cultivate beautiful scenery and delicious ingredients throughout the four seasons. We offer a variety of menus including rockfish, wild vegetables, mushroom dishes, hand-made soba, udon and so on.
  • Iideonsen Iidekairagiso

    Iideonsen Iidekairagiso

    An accommodation where relaxation is suitable for relaxation. It shows the expressions of the seasons Iidosei mountains. Clear babble of Tamagawa.
  • Iideonsen Iidesanso

    Iideonsen Iidesanso

    As mountain climbing base of the Iide Feng Shui, and as a place where you can do long Tsuyuji, people love mountains are familiar. Hot hot water near the source. I will shed sweat and tired. Please enjoy nature and hot springs.
  • Hotel Izumi

    Hotel Izumi

  • Kikuya


    Ryokan in front of JR Oguni station. Have a banqueting hall.
  • Kenko no mori Yokone Bungalow

    Kenko no mori Yokone Bungalow

    There are Japanese style and western style type, popular among young people and families. Complete bath, toilet, kitchen, telephone, fridge and cooking utensil.
  • Minshuku  Okukawairi

    Minshuku Okukawairi

    It is 5 minutes on foot from Umehakusa. The view of the Iidoh Ridge is superb.
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