This lodging representative of Iide-yu Onsen is a magnificent landscape with a magnificent Iidoh Fallen rising behind and a stream of Tamagawa flowing under the eyes. Please enjoy the tiredness with hot springs sprinkling and enjoy boasting wild vegetables and rockfish dishes. Outdoor life can be enjoyed in families and groups such as river play in Arakawa and walking in the forest. Kyoto with a history of 800 years. Effect on gastrointestinal illness. Boasting the wild vegetable · rock fish dishes and the large observation baths where you can see the mountains of Iidoba and the starry sky. Wild vegetables boasted rock fish dishes. Please also appreciate the sidewalks of famous Wakaba soba.


住所 日本、〒999-1522 山形県西置賜郡小国町小玉川564−1(map
TEL 0238-64-2111 公式サイト
営業時間 通年 定休日
料金等 【Accommodation 1 night Half Board Adults 7,710 yen ~ 】 【Break use (room use) 1,230 yen ~ 】 【Bath only adult 500 yen elementary school student 300 yen】 インターネット環境
支払方法 交通案内
駐車場 Yes (free) 最寄のバス停

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