Foam no yu hot spring Miyosho is one of the few carbon dioxide hot springs in Japan, which is located at an altitude of 280 m, close to the entrance of Taraguchi Pass, and relatively close to Iideyama climbing mouth. The source contains 1,590 ppm carbon dioxide, which absorbs carbon dioxide in the body when bathing, smoothing blood flow. Also, because carbon dioxide hot spring is weakly acidic, it is gentle to bare skin and your skin becomes smooth.


住所 日本、山形県小国町大字小玉川715 泡の湯温泉 三好荘(map
TEL 0238-64-2220 公式サイト
営業時間 定休日
料金等 (Main Building) 8,790 yen ~ (New Wing) 9,870 yen ~ ※ Both of 1 night and 2 meals インターネット環境
支払方法 交通案内 From the JR Yonaga Line Oguni station to the town bus "Directions to Minami Line Umeka Souzou · Iideyosancho" 35 min. Get off at "Kodakawa Elementary and Junior High School", about a 30 minute walk from the bus stop.
駐車場 Yes (free) 最寄のバス停

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