It gathers in wetlands of the Arakawa Right Bank “Kodoji” 4 km northwest of JR Oguni Station, and it is entertaining cute flowers every year.
This flower is a flower which became especially famous by the lyrics of “Summer memories” that sang Oze, but also grows naturally from Hokkaido to wetlands north of the Chubu district in addition to Oze. Overseas, it is said to grow nicely in eastern Siberia, the Chishima archipelago, Kamchatka peninsula, etc. In the town you can see also in the Nakajima settlement in the northern part and in the former Arakawa River bed in the Shin – yagaki outside the small transit.
 Buds are brought out from between grasses falling in wetlands with snowfall, and eventually stand flower stalks wrapped in a 10 – 20 cm snow – white Buddha flame bract. The outer light green leaves have a shape reminiscent of Basho’s leaves, some 30 cm in width and 1 m in length. You can see the flowers until around June in the colonies here. In case
It is said that a bear who finished hibernation likes to eat waste matter accumulated during hibernation from inside the body, but humans can not speak.


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