At “White Forest Woodcraft Pavilion”, challenge one original work in the world while feeling the warmth and kindness of the tree! Original cell phone strap is popular! At the White Forest Woodcraft Pavilion next to the White Forest Exchange Center ‘Refresh’, you can experience woodworking using zelkova, yellowtail, chestnut in a small country. Let’s feel the warmth and kindness of the tree. In the vicinity, you can experience various experiences such as canoeing, mountain bike, natural learning in the white native forest of Beech native forest. * Woodworking experience requires reservation.


住所 日本、山形県小国町五味沢513 白い森木工館(map
TEL 0238-67-2011 (Mokkokan: 0238-67-2830) 公式サイト
営業時間 Mokkokan is available from 9 am to 5 pm. Freedom of visiting the hall. 定休日 Tuesday ※ It may be closed due to circumstances.Please contact Rifure.
料金等 ★Free entrance visit is free【Woodworking experience fee】Woodworking products from various thousands of woodworking experience Woodworking Experience Work using edge material Starting from 1,080 yen Original cell phone strap 864 yen ※ Tour / Experience required time 1 - 3 hours インターネット環境
支払方法 交通案内
駐車場 Yes (free) 最寄のバス停

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