Northern part of JR Oguni station, about 10 minutes by car, there is Foreign District where Oguni-machi designated cultural property “Funato’s lion dancing” is passed down. The origin of the lion dancing transmitted here is not detailed, but there are the following theories.
“Echigo’s Uesugi Scenic Scene has made Shingyu Ueda’s Sanada Yukimura a hostage of the Uesugi family at that time, my father’s Masayuki sent a lion dance near Ueda of Shinano to Echigo in order to comfort my child I learned this was the beginning of spreading this dance in Echigo, encouraged the scenic spots.The scenic spot of Keio 3rd (1598) eventually was transferred to Aizu (including Nikki gun), so that also in this region It got spread. ”
– It depends on cultural property of small country.
This lion dancing was taken over by the Choshu area until the beginning of the Meiji Period, but it was temporarily suspended afterwards, and by the organization of young people (merged with Funato Community Center Youth Culture Department, Showa 57) on March 3, Showa It has revived and has reached the present. The composition consists of festival celebrations, Wadowaki, Otto, Odoriko, lion covering, whistling, hanging songs, surface sliding and the like. The program is Kaga, the first garden (both the second garden and the third garden) ① round drum, ② taiko drum ③ female lion crazy · male lion crazy ④ spring taiko ⑤ flower sucking ⑥ face rubbing etc., praise words, Reply words and so on, thank you for the flowers and thanks for the flower show, etc. It will be over in about two hours after the start.


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