Echigo Yonezawa Highway – One pass of the Juzan Pass “Kurosawa Pass”. The path of historical history where mossy cobblestone continues towards the summit in 3600 steps. The mossy cobblestone road that drifts the weight of history, which was laid in the Edo period in 1512, played a major role in operation and commerce as part of the Echigo Route. 3.600 cobblestones remain in almost complete condition between 2.7 km to Ichino and are designated as cultural properties of the town.


住所 日本、山形県小国町黒沢 黒沢峠敷石道(map
TEL 0238-62-4496 公式サイト
営業時間 定休日
料金等 インターネット環境
支払方法 交通案内 10 minutes by car from Oguni station
駐車場 Yes (free) 最寄のバス停

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