Yoshinaga first year (1521) Date Sousuzen opened the Otori Pass, the Echigo Highway 13 th Pass was being improved. Kurosawa Pass is one of them, but a paving stone construction work was done to improve the rough road of Kogei way. The cobblestone covered with soil was buried in the soil over a long period of time, but it was excavated by local residents in Showa 55. About 200 rocks of sandstone are spread around the road of 1.7 km around Naraki Kinpei. Quarries cutting out this paving stone are also found nearby. Construction was done over 10 years from Tenpo 10 years to Keio 3 years. Echigo / Yonezawa Kaido to which Kurosawa Pass Paving stone belongs has also been selected as “Historical Way Hundred Selections” selected by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1996.
The Kurosawa Pass Pavilion Road where the people and goods of the past and the people who engaged in the construction come and go, is one of the historical sites that represent the small country.


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