Oguni-machi is a town centered on the second industry, which is rare in mountainous areas. It has been developed based on a precision equipment factory. Clean and abundant water resources are essential for manufacturing precision instrument parts. Snow water in a small country that does not wither is supporting Japan’s manufacturing industry.

  • Job information in Ogunimachi (Hello Work information)

    We have posted information on job offerings that make Oguni-machi the main work place among job openings registered in Hello Work. Although contents are updated from time to time, please note that employment may already have been confirmed. For details of job offering, please contact Hello Work Nagai at job offer number.

  • Regional enterprise personnel matching promotion project

    We will grant celebrations to new graduates and give grants to companies that emigrated migrants. We will pay 30,000 yen for each new graduate who got a job in a town company.

  • We support people who start entrepreneurs and start up in Oguni-machi (entrepreneurship / founding support project)

    In addition to hosting an entrepreneurship seminar, we will issue grants for entrepreneurship support. The maximum is 200,000 yen for individuals and 300,000 yen for groups.

  • We support fostering agricultural players (agricultural skill development business)

    We will issue grants (freshness challenge subsidies) to those who aim for new farming. The maximum amount per person is 1,200,000 yen per year.

  • We support relocation expenses of those who moved to work for farming

    In order to promote settlement in Honcho and to restrain the population decrease in Honmachi and secure human resources etc. of local companies etc., we will subsidize the transfer fee when moving to Honcho for the purpose of employment.