Child care support system is substantial including support for pregnancy medical examination expense support, childbirth support money, childcare fee, medical expenses. There is no problem with waiting children. Child care can be done with confidence in the rich natural environment and the loose connection of the area. In addition, we have a distinctive education system such as elementary, middle and high school integrated education, and aim to foster human beings who will live independently in the international community through opportunities of international understanding, information education, regional learning, and career education.


  • We will provide childbirth support money

    We will pay 50,000 yen (2,000 yen for celebration and 30,000 yen for white forest common gift certificate) for one pregnant woman within 30 days after receiving maternal and child health handbook.

  • There is no medical expenses of 0 to 18 years old or younger

    We will subsidize medical expenses (excluding insurance coverage) from 0 year old children to high school student generation (until the first March 31st after the birthday of 18 years old).

  • We will support childcare fees

    We are reducing the burden on the childcare fee, such as free of charge for the second child, free of charge after the 3rd child (with conditions).

  • I will subsidize infertility treatment expenses

    We will subsidize some of the treatment expenses to couples who have undergone specified fertility treatment (in vitro fertilization and microinfusion) at the designated medical institution.

  • We support the movement fee to households who are under 18 years old

    We will assist the head of the household with household members who are under the age of 18 transferring from outside the town, and will be granted a transfer fee. The maximum limit per case is 100,000 yen (we compare actual expenses with 100,000 yen and subsidize low amount)

  • I started childcare at the time of illness

    It is a facility where nurses and nursery teachers cooperate with each other in a special nursery room in the health management center, which is in the recovery period of illness and is difficult to collect in groups or at home.

Single parent family

  • Children 0-18 years old do not have medical expenses

    It is a system that subsidizes all medical expenses of a single parent family etc. Subsidies can be received by presenting medical certificates and health insurance cards such as parents’ homes to the window of medical institutions to be consulted. However, medical certificates can be used only in medical institutions in Yamagata Prefecture.

  • We support relocation expenses to all parents who transfer from outside the town

    We will assist the head of the household with household members who are under the age of 18 who moved in for the purpose of relocation to assist in moving the move. The maximum limit per case is 100,000 yen (We compare actual expenses and 100,000 yen and subsidize low amount)


  • Scholarship grant project for Oguni high school

    Elementary school high school school fee will be subsidized 12,000 yen monthly to households who have transferred from outside the town and have children who transferred to primary school.