In Oguni-machi, we offer generous migration support. We support a part of transportation expenses and accommodation expenses for people performing activities such as finding housing and work in small countries for the purpose of migration and U-turn. In addition, we set up “Employment Counseling Office” (free of charge) in the office as a place of various consultations such as job counseling and job placement.

  • Oguni-machi trial residency grant

    We will subsidize part of transportation fee and accommodation fee (maximum amount: 24,000 yen / household) for activities such as searching for residences and work in small countries for migration and U-turn.

  • Housing comprehensive support project in small country

    We will female repair expenses etc. in the case of reforming a vacant house for the purpose of lending housing to immigrants, or for rehabilitating residences where migrants lease. (Not all renovations are covered)